The Sumba Foundation has produced this collection of stunning photography and insightful commentaries on the rich history and culture of Sumba.
The images transport you to another place and time to experience the fascinating culture and dramatic scenery of Sumba through the lens of some of the world’s best photographers. 

Produced with major sponsorship by Quiksilver, all proceeds from the book sales will go directly to support the Sumba Foundation’s field projects in health, education, clean water and economic development to help the impoverished people of Sumba.   

The book was authored and coordinated by long time Sumba resident Claude Graves with foreword written by Dr. Lawrence Blair, the internationally known author of Ring of Fire, a book about Indonesia that resulted in a PBS documentary of the same name. The preface was written by Jann Wenner, publisher of Rolling Stone Magazine and first time visitor to Sumba. Chief Photographer was Jason Childs who is well known as Indonesia’s premier surf photographer. His work is frequently displayed in Surfer Magazine, Surfers Journal and many other publications. Art Direction, editing and photography was done by Leonard Leuras with contributing photographers Georges Breguet, Dan Brooks, Jay Gerson, Claude Graves, Jeff Hornbaker, and Jean Howe.

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The Sumba Foundation is dedicated to helping the indiginous people of the Indonesian Island of Sumba.
We assist the Sumbanese to break the cycle of poverty through improved health, education, clean water, and economic development.